We are an independent fundamental Baptist Church located in Alexander City Alabama, just a few short minutes away from beautiful Lake Martin.
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Sunday School 10:00 AM
Morning Worship 11:00 AM
Evening Worship 6:00 PM
Worship/Bible Study 6:30 PM

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Pastor - Jeremy Johnson
1365 Hillabee St.
Alexander City, Alabama  35010
Church Phone: 256-329-8830
Mobile: 256-750-1100
Updates: Last updated - 5/20/2010

Junior Church Day Camp!
June 28-30

We welcome visitors and guests of all age, color and background.
Come and See ~ Stay and Be Loved.
Teen Church Camp 2010!
Don't miss it? TEEN CHURCH CAMP
June 12-16th
A Civilian's Salute to Soldiers
You chose to join a cause and fight
You heard your nation call.
Signed and swore and trained for war
For your country you gave all.

If no war you saw that's best
You preserved our freedom yet.
If in radio, accounting or infantry,
this honor you have met.

For we civilians, have this hope
That if called upon you will;
Lace your boots, raise your weapon, Lock and load.
And you would take that hill.

Thank you soldiers every one
For between them and us you stand.
Do the do's, fight the fight, win the battle.
It is you who shields this land.
Jeremy Johnson
Copyright 2004
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Hello and welcome.
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to serve here at LBC.
come and See.

~ Junior Camp @ Fort Bluff ~ June 14th
~ Jr Church Day Camp ~ June 28th
~ Teen Camp @ Fort Bluff ~ July 12th