What is Liberty Baptist Church?

We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.

Liberty Baptist Church is a distinctly Baptist church. This means that we hold to the biblical doctrines of Baptist churches passed on from the time of the New Testament.

Liberty Baptist Church is an Independent church. This means we hold no denominational ties such as SBC or BMA. Local churches are the only institutions Jesus gave His authority in which to carry out the great commission.

Liberty Baptist Church is a Fundamental church. This means that we hold to the fundamentals of the Word of God. Trying to keep a close to the New Testament example as possible.

While we strive to keep our worship time lively & exciting, we consider ourselves conservative and traditional.
Our Bible is the King James.
Our heartbeat is Missions.
Our goal is to win people to Christ and equip believers for serving God.

If you are searching for a church, Come join us.
If you are unsure about your eternal destiny, Come talk to us.
You'll be glad you did!

Pastor, Jeremy R. Johnson
Church History

Liberty Baptist Church was first known as Baptist Tabernacle, and was started Jan. 10, 1971.
It started from a split* from a confusion over the cooperative program.
Bro. Jim Lockwood was 1st pastor.
Our Christian Academy had its dedication service July 29, 1973.
Bro. Barrett Holloway was the 2nd pastor. (9/15/74)
Bro. Dennis Walker came as our 3rd pastor in 1978.
Bro. Ken Martin came as our 4th pastor from 3/21/82 until 1985.
Bro. Alton Byrd, 5th pastor, came and was with us until June 2, 1991.
The Christian Academy closed during this time.
Bro. Chris Stephens, 6th pastor, came and preached first in August 28, 1991. - "God is blessing!"
To God be the glory for all He has done for us and giving us mercy and grace to carry on.

Geraldyne Catchings - Charter Member   (letter written circa 1993)

Rev. Jeremy R. Johnson was called and accepted the pastorate in June, 2002.
He and his family moved from Texas and arrived in Alabama on July 4, 2002.
Bro. Jeremy Johnson's first Sunday as the 7th pastor was on July 7, 2002.
After many struggles, the Liberty Baptist Christian School was closed in May of 2003.
Picture from Alex City Outlook

We celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our new Pastor in July 2005.
Under the leadership of Pastor Johnson, Liberty is continuing to grow in grace and knowledge with many children saved and a few adults.

5 years with Pastor Johnson

We have:
Installed a Steeple on the Sanctuary.
Remodeled the Sanctuary Restrooms
Remodeled the Sanctuary Foyer
Redecorated the Fellowship Hall
Redecorated the Fellowship Restrooms
Replaced the damaged sidewalk on the Ed Building

With long-term vision and the grace of God, we will continue to see LBCAC grow numerically and spiritually.

More than a dozen saved in 2007!!!!!
Several more familes joined in 2008!!!!!
2009 is showing great promise as we get closer to God!
come and see.